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Choosing the Right Gear: A Beginner's Guide to Muay Thai Equipment

Embarking on your Muay Thai journey requires not just determination and practice but also the right gear. This guide is designed to help beginners choose the essential Muay Thai equipment for both safety and performance.

Gloves: Your Essential Companion

The most crucial piece of equipment for any Muay Thai student are the gloves. They protect your hands and wrists during training. Look for gloves that offer a snug fit and ample padding. As a general guide, 10oz and 12 oz gloves are recommended for hitting pads. 16oz and 18oz gloves are recommend for sparring as they offer more protection to the receiver. Check out our selection at InFightStyle at the gym shop for high-quality options.

Hand Wraps for Protection

Hand wraps are essential for supporting your wrists and knuckles when hitting pads and sparring as they provide an extra layer of protection under your gloves. Learn to wrap your hands properly to maximise protection. If you dont know how to wrap hands, please see Coach Pong before class. Hand wraps also play a crucial role in absorbing sweat and odour. Please remember to wash your hand wraps after each use.

Shin Guards for Technique Drills and Sparring

As you progress and start sparring, shin guards become essential. They protect your shins during kicks and blocks. Choose ones that are lightweight yet offer robust protection.

Mouthguard: A Safety Must

A mouthguard is crucial for protecting your teeth and jaw during sparring sessions. Comfort and fit are key when selecting a mouthguard.

Comfortable Training Clothes

Quality Muay Thai shorts are designed from lightweight and breathable materials like nylon, allowing swift movement and keeping you cool. The fit should be comfortable and offer maximum leg movement without restriction. Your shorts should enhance your performance and won't hinder your high kicks or knee strikes, ensuring that your mobility is at its peak during training. Check out the range of Infightstyle short available in the gym shop.

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