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How often should I train?

This depends on your goals, the more consistent and frequent you train, the faster you are going to get to where you want to be. You will see more improvements in your technique and increase your fitness faster the more often you train.

We recommend the

1. Just getting started? New to Muay Thai? 2-3 sessions per week

Regular training builds muscle memory and improves technique. Frequency helps develop endurance, technique and overall fitness.

2. Want to get fit and lose weight? 4-5 sessions per week

Consistently training 4-5 sessions per week allows for calorie burning. Muay Thai is a high-intensity workout that uses multiple muscle groups which leads to increased metabolism and fat burning.

3. Want to feel confident and become good at sparring? 4-5 sessions per week

If you want to get better at sparring, you should be attending at least 4-5 classes a week. This includes the fundamentals class and the intermediate class where you learn more fight technique. Joining in 2 sparring classes a week helps enhance your skills and continuously develop technique, endurance and confidence.

4. Looking to compete one day? Minimum 6 sessions per week

If you are looking at competing or fighting, you must be training 6 sessions a week not including sparring and individual running. This will allow you to sharpen your technique, condition your body, enhance cardio and becoming mentally resilient. You also need to demonstrate your discipline and commitment to your training in order to receive extra support and approval to compete under your gym.

Bon recently completed her first fight at MNSW Amateur Series 9 where she walked away with a WIN. She trains double classes each day and schedules private training sessions with Kru Pong to get her fight ready. She also does her own strength and conditioning training.

If you are looking to compete one day, please make Kru Pong aware of your goals.

5. Just want to socialise! As many times as you like!

If you just want to socialise, meet new people and have friendly chats between rounds/classes, you can come as often as you like! We have a great friendly and social vibe at Maneema and regularly go out for Friday night bites after class!

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