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FREE trial classes includes:

  • All Levels

  • Fundamentals

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All beginners will start in the Fundamentals classes where you will learn the key principles of striking, defence, how to hold pads for your partner and build a good fitness base.

Getting the fundamentals of Muay Thai is a crucial first step to build your foundations. From here, anything is possible to build on your technique, movement, speed and power.



Once you have mastered the fundamentals, you will move into the Intermediate/Advanced classes. Here you will learn more to use all 8 weapons with technical drills and techniques as well as clinching and sweeping to complete your Muay Thai IQ.


Sparring (Optional)

Put what you learn in class into practice in our controlled sparring class under the close supervision of our trainers. These classes require a high level of fitness and skill.

16 oz gloves, mouth guards and shin guards are required to attend. 

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